Wendy Janes

WENDY JANES's first foray into self-publishing was with a co-written erotic romance in 2012. Although she and her co-author are still great friends, the book was not the best-seller they envisaged when they were scribbling away at the dining room table. However, the whole writing, publishing, and marketing experience introduced her to the excitement and camaraderie of the burgeoning indie world, and that’s where she spends most of her time these days. Wendy has recently expanded her professional proofreading business to offer her services to indie authors, and she’s been busy writing, too. Her short story, “From Hackney to Hollywood,” will be appearing in Safkhet Publishing’s Romantic Heroes anthology due out in May 2014. She lives in London with her husband and youngest son, and hopes to self-publish her first solo novel in 2015. Described as contemporary women’s fiction, The Right Thing To Do was inspired by a real-life dilemma that was crying out to be explored in the pages of a book. 

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