Donna Valenti

DONNA VALENTI immersed herself in reading every summer while her friends went away to camp; books saved her from feeling lonely. Her love of reading led to a love of writing, and she conceived of the idea for her Truth & Trysts trilogy while still in high school. While college and life "got in the way" of her getting it down on paper, the story continued to write itself in her mind, and she published the first book, The Innocence of the Iris, in the spring of 2014. Donna's passion for books also led to a study of languages--French, Italian, and Russian. She loves to explore the world through stories and travel, believing that a plane ticket is always a better purchase than a piece of jewelry. Currently an English teacher at the high school from which she graduated, Donna lives in Manhasset, New York, with her husband, Dan Valenti, and three children, Olivia, Danny, and Luke. 

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