Francine LaSala
FRANCINE LASALA and SAMANTHA STROH BAILEY have more than 40 years of editorial experience between them.  

Francine is a novelist, ghostwriter, and book publishing veteran who's edited New York Times bestselling fiction and nonfiction. Samantha is a former grammar and writing instructor, including at the University of Toronto, and a prolific journalist. She has a Master of Education and has edited countless manuscripts for clients all over the world.

Samantha Stroh Bailey
They have also "team-edited" numerous works of fiction, each lending their singular editorial strengths to create perfect and polished prose for their clients. 

The author of Finding Lucas, Samantha (http://perfectpencommunications.com/) is based in Toronto, while Francine (francinelasalaproductions.wordpress.com), author of Rita Hayworth's Shoes and The Girl, the Gold Tooth and Everything, is based in New York.

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